22 February 2013

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The IAM girls gathered last night to work an event involving fried food--oreos, pickles, mushrooms, lotus fruits, etc.--and mingling with awesome friends. Alex manned the door with a fat mason jar full of money to collect ticket money, Kelsey manned the coat closet, Nia ran items from the kitchen window to the table (and fried an ice cream sandwich!), Caley kept a watchful eye over the condiments and platters, and Claire sold wine and beer.


Birthday for Rienstra

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Went out Saturday evening for a really low key birthday celebration for Jakie's birthday. Went to a sweet cinema space in Battery Park City to see Silver Linings Playbook then grabbed burgers at Shake Shack. Loved it!

On a Whim, Climbed out on a Limb

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It's a madness. It just comes--none knows whence--and cannot explain itself.

Workshop at Etsy Labs

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I headed back home to BK after work to meet up with Claire. We popped over to DUMBO for a seriously rad workshop in a seriously rad space at Etsy Labs off Washington. The night's craft was blockprinting, designing and carving our own rubber stamps. Then we rolled tacky ink over our stamps and pressed them onto brown butcher paper to make wrapping paper for Christmas! I opted for a Dogtown-style shortboard and wrote "Skate or Die" in jest. The words were too thin to carve (we used tools that allowed users to carve + scoop the rubber out of the grey block rather than etch with great detail), so I ended up detailing the skateboard. !Voila!

Walking home, we spotted a synthetic rainbow streaking the sky...possibly from somewhere in Greenwich Village?

Give Thanks 2012

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Nia here --
Went home for a week during Thanksgiving, the first time celebrating the holiday with my family in 4 years! I was pretty ecstatic. California in November is a wild phenomenon.
Really cool things happened when I was at home. And I'm damn grateful for everything that's been thrown my way. That's all I have to say.

Cool little Mexi house in the North Park.